Managed Services

Maintain your technology at a predictable cost.

Our Managed Services program is designed to provide a stable, consistent IT environment. In doing this, the Company can be efficient in operating its business by effectively maintaining and supporting their IT systems. As such, once the program begins, all services that involve maintenance and remote support of the current systems and existing users are included. In addition to monitoring, maintenance, and patching of all applicable systems, this includes user administration, help desk calls, and minor version upgrades/service packs associated with supported devices and applications. Additionally, a block of hours for anticipated on-site needs of maintaining the system has been included in your agreement. The purpose of this is offer a predictable IT cost structure for IT maintenance.

Managed Security Services

When is the last time you reviewed your security?

Cybersecurity is crucial for all businesses. Customer and client information, payment information, personal files, bank account details – all this information is often impossible to replace if lost and dangerous in the hands of criminals. Regular review of cybersecurity practices is essential in protecting these assets.

Our high level security review typically consists of an approximate half day on-site visit to review current cybersecurity measures.  Tasks include a non-intrusive network scan, workstation testing and discussion with end-user staff.  This is followed by an external network scan and all results are compiled into a report with recommendations.

Professional Services

Flexibility and Scalability are Important

Not all of our clients fit the Managed Services model.  Nearly half our technology clients either have in-house IT staff or utilize another technology provider for day-to-day needs.  Many times a larger project is outside of the scope of an in-house IT team or the company who provides your daily help desk support.

We will work with you, your technology staff or your help desk provider to develop a plan, a budget and a timeline to implement the projects you need to move your organization forward.

We work in nearly all aspects of the technology arena and some of the most common are:

  • Email Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Server and Hardware Replacement
  • Telephony Needs Analysis and Integration
  • Company Mergers, Acquisitions and Relocations
  • Software Needs Analysis and Implementations
  • Accounting ERP System Consulting
  • Exchange and Office 365 Migrations and Consulting
  • Network Design, Troubleshooting and Upgrades
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Analysis and Implementation

Development Services

Website Design, App Design and More

Roughly 25% of our business includes development.  This means we can produce the needed results on a programming project, but it is not the only option.  It also means our people have the bandwidth and expertise to integrate your project with other aspects such as data management, hardware and software, infrastructure and security.

We pride ourselves on being able to find the right solution for the right situation.  Development services we offer include:

  • Application Design
  • Web Based Programming
  • Middleware Development
  • Process Analysis and Design
  • WordPress Design and Maintenance
  • Hosting and Hosting Consulting

Cybersecurity Services

Proactive Security is the Best Security

The cybersecurity landscape has changed.  Defensive measures taken in the past will no longer protect your network from the near constant attack that it is under.  The only real answer in today’s environment is a “Defense in Depth” approach.  Staying current on new threats and taking advantage of multiple layers of protection is your best approach to defending your digital assets.

Frankel Technology Services provides a full range of Cybersecurity services. They include high level and detailed security reviews, backup analysis, security awareness training and incident response.  Contact us to today to discuss how we can help.

Incident Response

The most important step in a security incident is the first one.

If you are in the midst of a cyber-attack, or have already suffered a loss, you need training professionals involved in the situation as soon as possible.  Frankel Technology Services can help at all phases and with all aspects of responding to a malicious attack on your network.

An important part of Incident Response is changing the habits which lead to the breach.

We can help you respond to an attack in progress, assess the damage after the attack, and most importantly, assist with creating best practices to strengthen your cyber-defense strategy.

Compliance Reviews

A HIPAA Risk Analysis

If you are a company in the medical industry, or work with companies in the medical industry, you must be HIPAA compliant. Let us help you answer all the questions you need to know when it comes to risk analysis for HIPAA compliance.

Data Migration

Our people are experienced in moving data from virtually any system to any other system.

If you have a project that involves moving data from one system to another, we can help.  Our people have experience in extracting, converting and migrating data from email systems, accounting systems, ERP and inventory systems, as well as from completely custom and legacy applications.

Security Awareness Training

Your staff is the first line of cyber-defense.

Employees need to understand their roles and responsibilities in helping safe-guard sensitive data and protecting company resources. It is imperative all staff are aware of practices and policies that promote security and have the tools needed to identify and avoid risks.  We offer customized staff training,  which includes discussion of real-life scenarios and how the end-user can provide the best line of defense against cyber-attacks.

Additionally, we offer specialized training for staff who have access to electronic funds, which are high value targets for cyber criminals. There is also an opportunity of training for you as a decision maker in an organization to address the many options to consider in putting together a cybersecurity defense strategy.